Imagine the Dog of Your Dreams! What would life with your dog look like? Your dog walks effortlessly next to you or anyone on leash, like walking hand-in-hand with your love. Your dog is friendly with everyone, including adults, children, dogs and other pets. Other dogs, bikes, cars, and children pass by while your dog does not flinch. When guests are over, you do not hide your dogs or apologize for their poor manners. Your dog comes to you happily and immediately when asked and listens to your every word, even when off leash. Unwanted behaviors are non-existent; if any unwanted behaviors crop up and you are stumped, we will help solve the problem.

Your dog is the talk of the neighborhood for all the right reasons. Their model behavior is a source of joy. Strangers compliment your dog’s behavior and ask if you are a professional trainer. This is what life would look life if you have the dog of your dreams.

What makes this program special is the speed at which dog training can change your life. You will achieve the dog of your dreams quickly and effortlessly. By living with a dog trainer and doggy mentors, dogs learns at warp speed. All this and more is possible …..

  • Features
    • Board & Train Sessions
    • Daytime Train Option
    • Private Sessions
    • Refresher Sessions
    • Unlimited Group Sessions
    • Basic Manners through Advanced Obedience
    • Training session videos
    • Trainer email/phone support
  • Potential Benefits
    • Training goals achieved quickly and effortlessly
    • Daily dog walks become a JOY, not a chore
    • Training is easy, fun & effective
    • Your dog eagerly looks & listens to you
    • Counter-surfing and nuisance barking eliminated
    • Happiness and confidence your dog listens to you
    • Peace of mind your dog is well-behaved at home & public
    • Compliments from strangers about your dogs
    • Pleasure of taking your dogs everywhere
    • On and off leash reliability
    • Candidate for Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification
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