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Kathryn R. Gubista, PhD (Dr. K) – Founder

Hi! I am Dr. K, a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA), consultant and educator for dogs and their human companions. As my initial introduction to dog training, I had the great fortune to be a seasonal keeper at Brookfield Children’s Zoo near Chicago. The education programs at Chidren’s Zoo included dog training demonstrations. This was my first introduction to teaching humans and training dogs. During my college summers and holidays, I literally had a dream job!

My work days included dog training and participating in educational demonstration throughout the day that included dogs, horses, farm animals and birds of prey. Our dog demonstrations included obedience, tracking, retrieving, sheep herding, agility and service work. From then on, trained dogs have been my constant companions and training is a natural part of each day. I got my first dog during my second year in college and have never looked back. My passion for training and working dogs led to many great learning opportunities with the most amazing trainers in Illinois, Georgia and North Carolina.

The Dog’s Perspective is a dog training philosophy based on over 25 years of teaching and training experience plus extensive knowledge of animal biology. My education includes a masters & doctorate in Evolutionary Biology. Dogs are fundamental to my active lifestyle, which includes walking, running and biking the mountainous terrain of Asheville, NC. My dogs are my constant traveling companions, even going to the grocery store.

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My dogs are regular participants in dock-diving exhibitions and competitions in the southeast, and have participated in obedience, tracking and retrieving trials. Along with training dogs, I am a biology instructor for local colleges and online universities. I am also an author and former academic librarian.

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In October 2016, I published Volume 1 of the new series, The DOG’S PERSPECTIVE: How to Train a Dog by Thinking Like a Dog. It is available as both eBook and paperback on Amazon. The main purpose of writing the book is to explain a dog-friendly, human-friendly, humane and dogmane approach to training. Three dog training philosophies are examined in the first volume. Positive training and aversive training fall into the dog training categories of the Human’s Perspective and Wolf’s Perspective, respectively.

The Dog’s Perspective is an alternative approach to both positive and aversive training. If you have children, you may be familiar with positive discipline. The Dog’s Perspective is a canine version of positive discipline. By training from the dog’s perspective, having a dogmane mentality is imperative because what is natural for dogs is more important than what is natural for humans.

Trained companion dogs make life so much more fun, safe and easy, while untrained dogs will cause stress and hardship for both dogs and their human companions. Lucky Dog Training Asheville was founded to share my unique combination of dog training expertise, education, teaching experience and health-consciousness. My mission is to help others free themselves of unnecessary dog-related stress while achieving both their personal dog training and fitness goals. I have tons of experience with all types of dogs. Please let me help you achieve all your dog training goals.

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