Calypso Collar Covers

Calypso Collar Covers (patent pending) allow dogs to wear prong collars with style! You and your dogs will be the talk of the neighborhood for all the right reasons. Our beautiful batik covers fit directly over metal prong collars, turning an ugly, barbaric-looking training tool into an awesome fashion statement.

When used properly, our collar covers creates a kinder, gentler training collar. Properly fitted collars rest at the base of the dog’s neck, just above their shoulders. Calypso Collar Covers prevent both skin reactions and tangled fur caused by the metal prongs.

While dogs may not care about the appearance of prong collars, humans sure do. If you want to eliminate all those unsolicited comments/criticisms from friends, family and absolute strangers about your choice of training tools, Calypso Collar Covers solve these problems and more!

Please visit our website, The Dog’s Perspective (, to order your dog’s Calypso Collar Covers today! And, if you need more assistance with training, we would love to help!

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