Wonder Weeks Puppy

If your young puppy learns the right skills at the right time, they will grow up to be the dog of your dreams. With early training of foundation skills, all the layers of your puppy’s insanely awesome personality will naturally develop.

During their Wonder Weeks, we focus on housetraining, manners, foundation obedience, all while providing an enriching socialization experience. Training following Wonder Weeks includes leash skills and other more advanced obedience and off-leash skills.

Young puppies thrive living, training and playing with a professional trainer and friendly doggy mentors. Puppies quickly learn new skills while having tons of fun. Interacting with our Muttley Crew is an invaluable experience that enriches any young pup’s life. Learning by watching others is the most natural and efficient way for puppies, adult dogs and even humans to acquire new skills. Join us on this short but very sweet journey of puppy growth, development and discovery.

    • Your pup trains while you are at work, on vacay, life events, etc.
    • Puppy Wonder Weeks = Critical Socialization Period
      • Lots of doggy socialization and play time
      • Observe/Social Learning = Monkey See, Monkey Do
    • Avoid behavioral issues with early training
      • Anxiety
      • Aggression
    • Compliments about your pup’s amazing skills
    • Confidence your pup is well-behaved at home and in public
    • Puppy learns age-appropriate skills throughout training
    • Board & Train (1 or more weeks)
      • Training weeks can be consecutive or non-consecutive
      • Therapy dogs (Muttley Crew) assist in training
      • House-training, manners, obedience, socialization skills
      • Extensive free play and socialization time
    • Private Sessions (1 or more)
      • In-Person and Online Options
      • Trainer teaches owner handling/training techniques
      • Trainer teaches/guides owner to continue training process
    • Video Library
      • Unlimited Access
      • Your Dog’s Training Videos (2+ B&T weeks)
    • Bonus Features
      • Support via text/phone/email
      • Training Cot
    • Get puppy on right start
    • Socialization with friendly, trained dogs
    • 1st Puppy – Newbie
    • Active families
    • Busy professionals
    • Vacation/Holiday travels
    • Service/Therapy/ESA dogs
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