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The Muttley Crew & Friends

Nestled in the beautiful, charming neighborhood of North Asheville, our residential board and train (B&T) programs are 100% residential. We do not use kennel runs or outside cages, common in most B&T programs. Puppy dogs live in a comfortable home with a professional trainer and friendly, trained therapy dogs. Our B&T programs are round-the-clock, immersive training, similar to children’s summer camps. Socializing and learning with others is our default mode. Client dogs are always with the trainer, practicing different skills throughout the day and night.

Tour of our Residential B&T  

The Dog Dorm

Client dogs sleep overnight in the comfort and safety of our private home. Because denning is a natural behavior that calms canine minds, client dogs typically sleep overnight in extra-large (48″) crates. Each clients enjoys a roomy, yet comfy, cozy crate with their bed, favorite snuggle toys, bones and water bowl. We create New York Studio Apartments for puppy dogs. Giant breeds use a super-large (54″) crate. Crates are adjusted to accommodate potty training needs. 

OFF Leash Socialization

The Muttley Crew & Friends

Abundant OFF leash socialization is a primary feature of our residential B&T. Dogs are mentally 2-year-old toddlers for their entire lives. If you know anything about 2-year-old toddlers, they love to play all the time. So do most puppy dogs. That is why we provide hours and hours of OFF leash socialization time. Puppy dogs have free access to our big backyard, training center (450 sq. feet) and a large office deck (230 sq ft). 

Safety & Security

Our client’s safety and security is our priority. Our yard is completely fenced and reinforced with double security gates. Surveillance cameras monitor our dog dorm, back deck office, backyard and training center. Young puppies sleep within feet of the trainer. Older dogs sleep in the dog dorm, which is monitored overnight with a surveillance camera. 

Training Opportunities

Training client dogs is not restricted to the confines of our residence. Real world experiences, with lots of distractions, are the focus of dog training. All ON-leash and OFF-leash training starts at our residence. However, the ultimate goal of leash training is venturing out into our vibrant North Asheville neighborhood and beyond.

Starting with baby steps and building up to 2-mile walks is the goal. The physical size and energy levels of dogs dictate the length of leash walks. Some dogs enjoy shorter walks while others want more than 2-mile outings. Our training programs include lots of group training, both during residential B&T and our weekly group sessions.

Training After Residential B&T

Training does not end when client dogs leave board and train. We offer lots of human-dog activities to maintain and advance training. Private sessions, group sessions, customized training videos, video library access and extensive trainer support enhance the training process. Our comprehensive residential B&T programs are designed for maximum dog training success. 

Please note: Visitors are not allowed in our private training areas for safety, liability and training reasons. For example, an owner’s visit can disrupt our ability to calm anxious dogs, which increases anxiety issues. We can arrange non-distracting, virtual/online private sessions while dogs are in board and train sessions, if necessary.

Dog House – Training Center

Dog House – Training Center @ Sunset

Dog Dorm – Snowball

Dog Dorm – Luna & Teddy

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