~ Lucca & Robin ~

“Lucca was headed to the shelter. He was a crazy dog, out of control. But guilt made me try one more thing, a dog trainer (we had already tried a dog training class). Not just any trainer but Lucky Dog Training Asheville with Kathryn Gubista. A miracle!!! After the first session, Lucca’s behavior was so much improved and it continues to improve. No shelter for him now. He is my buddy. I have and would highly recommend Lucky Dog Training Asheville to everyone.”

~ Suzanne & Zelda ~

“I have been blessed with a beautiful, but very strong-willed and demanding
female black standard poodle. Zelda and I have been working with Lucky Dog
Training Asheville for the past year. With Kathryn’s knowledge and guidance, we have
been able to overcome many of Zelda’s bad habits and bring out the best in
her personality. Individual and group training sessions have made a huge
difference in both our lives. As Zelda approaches her second birthday, we
continue to work with Kathryn on her socialization with other dogs in a
program that was designed specifically for Zelda.”

~ Marybeth & Spaceman ~

“I have an older dog who I felt was very aggressive and had scared some of our family friends. After one training session with my dog, I could already tell a huge difference. My house guests even commented that he seemed much calmer and happier. After four training sessions, I am much more confident in handling my dog around other dogs and I know I made the right decision with Lucky Dog Training!”

~ Corinna, Jake & Xena ~

“As soon as we met and spoke with Kathryn (Dr. K), we knew she was going to be perfect for our puppy! Through her training and techniques, she is helping us sculpt our puppy into the dog of our dreams. We would recommend Lucky Dog Training Asheville to anyone, whether you have just got a puppy or have a dog that needs a helping hand. Dr K’s an outstanding trainer who simply adores dogs. Thank you so much Lucky Dog Training Asheville!”

~ Tricia, Al, Jake & Chimmie ~

“When Dr K. first met my wife and I, we were at our wits end on how to get our two dogs under control. For the past three years, we’ve been using custom harnesses along with a short adjustable leash that were recommended to us by a professional. The former trainer believed the harness and short leash combination would give us almost total control of our dogs. The results were harmful to us both. Even with the harness and short leash, the two dogs were far stronger than we could control. My wife and I have both been jerked off our feet and pulled to the ground several times over the past few years.
One snowy day the dogs pulled me so hard that me feet slipped on ice and I fell very hard, injuring both my wrists. After this serious fall, I continued to walk the dogs on their harnesses and short leash, but because of the constant pulling, my wrists were in constant pain, and they could never fully heal. Even if I walked them separately, the dogs would pull, and my wrists would still have a burning, stabbing pain.
It has been three weeks since Dr. K showed us a new way to fully control our dogs and have them respond to our voice commands. We finally have the confidence to walk them in the same proximity of other dogs, cats, and squirrels using her method of training. And best of all, no more pulling!
The results of Dr. K’s method of training has been next to miraculous. Not only are my wrists healing, but my wife and I can walk our dogs without the terror of thinking we might fall again and injure ourselves.”