Dog Training Methods


The DOG’S PERSPECTIVE uses unique, innovative dog training methods based on Dog Biology, not human psychology. Our dog training methods are simple, easy and fun ….. because puppy dog training should be simple, easy and fun ….. for everyone!!!

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For those using Human Psychology when training dogs, The DOG’S PERSPECTIVE is similar to Positive Discipline, a popular child-rearing method. Based on the Positive Discipline approach: There are no bad dogs, just good behaviors and bad behaviors.

We believe there are NO BAD DOGS!

GOOD Behaviors

Positive Reinforcement, which is a subset of Positive Disciple, is the process of rewarding GOOD behaviors so they will become GOOD habits. However, what about BAD behaviors? While positive reinforcement is always the preferred training to encourage GOOD behaviors, it does nothing to stop BAD behaviors.

BAD Behaviors

Turning your back and ignoring bad behaviors does NOT make bad behaviors go away. You should NOT wait for your dog to stop doing something wrong, especially if it hurts someone. On the contrary; ignoring BAD behaviors creates BAD Habits. Dog training should discourage bad behaviors, NOT create bad habits.


Dogs should not “PAY” for their mistakes. Punishment, force or fear-training are NOT part of The DOG’S PERSPECTIVE. We encourage dogs, and everyone for that matter, to “LEARN” from their mistakes. Both humans and dogs progress quickly when given the chance to learn from their mistakes. When dogs make mistakes, we guide them to make better choices. Our training methods are neither strict (Aversive Training) nor permissive (Positive or R+ Only Training). Our puppy and dog training methods are kind, but set firm limits. If you guide dogs, not bribe dogs, you and your dogs will thrive.

Dog Training Based on Dog Play

Dogs love to play. They have the mental capacity of 2-year-old toddlers. Unlike toddlers, dogs do not have arms and hands with fingers and opposable thumbs. Instead, dogs use their teeth to play and interact with other dogs. Sometimes dog play can look rough, but that is the way dogs play. Just watch this video:

Leash Training & Positive Reinforcement

We teach dogs and humans to work as cooperative teams, in the tradition of more than 15,000 years of dog-human co-evolutionary history. When training based on the biology of dogs, prong collars allow humans to communicate with dogs from the dog’s point of view. In our Prong Collar book and Prong Collar YouTube video, we explain how to use prong collars as a positive reinforcement dog training tool.

Dog Training Resources

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