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Training Asheville

We Make Dream Dogs Your Happy Reality

Lucky Dog Training Asheville

We Make Dream Dogs Your Happy Reality


At Lucky Dog Training Asheville, training is fun and easy! We specialize in: obedience dog training, loose leash walking, dog leash pulling, leash reactivity, dog anxiety, puppy crate training, puppy biting, puppy socialization and so much more. Our residential board and train is like summer camp for kids. Engaged dog socialization with trained therapy dogs allows for accelerated “monkey-see-monkey-do” learning. Training programs without B&T are available. Our dog training programs enable you and your puppy dog friends to live together in pawfect harmony. 

Board and Train

Puppy dogs live in comfy, cozy home with professional trainer and friendly, trained therapy dogs. Engaged puppy dog socialization with playful, trained therapy dogs allows for natural, “monkey-see-monkey-do” learning. Training is fun and easy!

 Puppy Training

Early puppy training forms good habits. Puppy training tips cover: Puppy Crate Training, Potty Training, Puppy Obedience Training. How to stop Puppy Biting, Barking and more. Puppy Socialization prevents Dog Anxiety and Separation Anxiety.

Dog Training

Training programs cover: Obedience Dog Training, Loose Leash Walking, Dog Leash Pulling, Leash Reactivity, Barking, Jumping and more. Anxious dogs with Dog Anxiety & Separation Anxiety thrive in our programs. Puppy Dog Socialization is key!

Why Us?

Our programs differ significantly from traditional B&T programs. Client puppy dogs are with us round the clock. Limited weekly enrollment ensures maximum training attention and care. Client dogs and their humans thrive in our comprehensive training programs.

Train in the Real World

Fast and Lasting Results

Extensive Socialization

Train with Love, Not Food

Residential B&T

No Kennel Runs or Outside Cages

Customized Puppy Dog Training Videos

Long-term Dog Trainer Support