Greatest Dog in the World

Imagine the peace of mind you will enjoy when your dog is an amazingly well-behaved companion. This 8-week board & train program is ideal for those needing/wanting more extensive professional training (e.g., young puppies, service/therapy-dogs, dogs with behavioral issues, busy professionals, active families, world-travelers). While living, training and playing with a trainer and doggy mentors, your dog learns new skills at lightning speed. Extended training provides lots of practice time, allowing new skills to develop into great habits. When taking over “the leash”, your professionally trained dog will be an absolute joy.

    • Your puppy dog trains while you are at work, on vacation, life events, etc.
    • Your dog’s social behavior is evaluated and improved
    • Your puppy dog enjoys lots of doggy socialization and play time
    • Dog anxiety issues are addressed to lessen/eliminate
    • Receive compliments about your dog’s amazing skills
    • Confidence your dog is well-behaved at home and in public
    • Ability to take your dog everywhere with you
    • Daily dog walks become a JOY, not a chore
    • Regular dog walks become your healthy lifestyle
    • Your dog eagerly looks, listens and comes when called
    • Bad manners (jumping, mouthing, barking) are eliminated
    • Peace of mind knowing lifetime trainer support is just a phone call away
    • Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification options
    • Board & Train (8 weeks)
      • Training weeks can be consecutive or non-consecutive
      • Therapy dogs (Muttley Crew) assist in training
      • Training Skills: house-training, manners, obedience, socialization
      • Extensive free play and socialization time
      • Puppy program covers major milestones
    • Private Sessions (Unlimited)
      • In-Person and Online Options
      • Owner taught handling/training techniques
      • Trainer guides owner to continue training process
    • Group Sessions (Unlimited)
      • In-Person and Virtual
      • Training practice with distractions
    • Bonus Features
      • Video Library includes Training Videos with Your Dog
      • Lifetime Trainer Support via phone/email
      • Lifetime Access to the LDTA Video Library
      • Training Collar and Collar Cover
      • Discount on 8th B&T week
    • Training from puppy to adult
    • Behavioral Issues
    • Anxious, insecure dogs
    • Socialization with friendly, trained dogs
    • Active families
    • Busy professionals
    • Vacation/Holiday travels
    • Service/Therapy/ESA certifications
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