What the Dog’s Nose Knows

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The Dog’s Perspective

When it comes to dog training, there have been two popular, yet distinctly different, training philosophies. From Cesar’s Corner comes training from the Wolf’s Perspective, based on the pack mentality of wolf lore. At the other end of the spectrum is the Positive Position of training, the Human’s Perspective influenced by anthropomorphic ideals. Ironically, dogs are neither wolves nor humans – they are dogs. The most logical and effective training approach is from The Dog’s Perspective. Continue reading

How To Train Your Dog

The Human’s Perspective

Cognitive Ability & Value of Dogs

In his 2011 best-seller Dog Sense, John Bradshaw described four specific facets about dogs that trainers and dog experts vehemently disagree. In summary, these facets are: (1) natural social groupings of dogs, (2) ethical and philosophical issues pertaining to physical corrections, (3) cognitive/thinking ability of dogs, and (4) value of dogs. Before we address the controversial second facet, we will evaluate the other three with respect to the Human’s Perspective of dog training. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day 2015

Love Your Dog with All Your Heart!

We humans owe our evolutionary success

to these most wonderful companions.

Today & everyday is a perfect day to take

A Walk in the Park with your loyal companions.

Please love them with all your heart.

Your heart & theirs will be forever grateful.

 Happy Valentine’s Day to All Our Furry Companions

How To Train Your Dog – Part 6A

How To Train Your Dog

Welcome to Part 6 of How To Train Your Dog. Previously, Cesar’s Corner training philosophy was discussed. Next is the Positive Position, the other popular training philosophy on the other end of the dog training spectrum. After discussing the Positive Position, training from The Dog’s Perspective, our training philosophy of choice, will be explained. Continue reading

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How To Train Your Dog – Part 5

Cesar’s Corner

This training philosophy is named after Cesar Milan, star of National Geographic Society’s Dog Whisperer. Although trainers who practice these so-called “confrontational methods” are not all in agreement with Cesar’s training philosophy, their general approaches have similarities with an assertive style that includes active physical contact while training. Cesar Milan is the most famous of all, with books, DVDs and the all important fame and notoriety. However, if you have ever read or seen his work, he is the first to attest that he is NOT a dog trainer. He prefers to be called a dog rehabilitator. It is ironic that the leader of the pack in some dog training corners admits he is not a dog trainer at all. Continue reading