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Are you strapped to a demanding work schedule? Do you feel guilty not having enough time and energy to exercise your beloved canine companions on a daily basis? Did you know that daily exercise and engaging activities will often alleviate or cure many doggy behavioral issues? Have you considered doggy daycare, but getting your pets to and from daycare facilities just adds to your already hectic schedule? Do your believe your pets would prefer hanging out in the comfort and coziness of home instead of a kennel environment? We have a great solution for all these questions and more……….

Dog Running Asheville TrainingAlong with our convenient dog training services, Lucky Dog Training Asheville offers puppy/dog walking, dog running and pet care services to help exercise and care for your pets while you are away at work, play or on vacation. Although we are primarily a dog-focused concierge service, we also care for other pet species, including small mammals, reptiles and Psittacines birds. Our lead trainer is a former zookeeper who is able to assist with many of your pet care needs.

Dogs thrive on stability and consistency. Your pets will enjoy consistent routines with the same person to enhance our relationship with your pets. We also provide transportation services if your pet becomes sick and needs medical attention while you are away. Through our services, we are your pet’s “Girl Friday” everyday! Please checkout our website and give us a call to schedule your free consultation.

Kathryn R. Gubista, PhD offers concierge dog training, walking, running and pet care services through Lucky Dog Training Asheville, and has over 30 years of training experience in obedience, tracking, agility, sheep herding, dock diving and fieldwork. Kathryn is an evolutionary biologist and approaches dog training from the Dog’s Perspective, a training philosophy based on how dogs think. When not training, Kathryn teaches college biology courses and writes The Dogs Perspective blog and upcoming book series.

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