Value of Trained Dogs

Are Dogs Limiting or Liberating?

Do you believe life with dogs is limiting or liberating? Does your dog give you more freedom to do what you want to do? Or, does your dog get in the way of your freedom? Granted, if you are a big world traveler and away from home for long periods of time, a dog may not fit your lifestyle. Other than being a world traveler, does your dog limit your freedom or liberate you to be more confident to achieve your goals, no matter how simple or complex? Continue reading

Dog Domestication

The Model of Success

Dogs are one of the most successful domestic animal species coexisting with human beings on this planet today. Dogs are the first and ultimate achievement in domestication, and the model upon which all other animal domestications are based. The popularity of dogs as pets is rivaled only by cats. As of May 2015 ASPCA Pet Statistics, the United States boasts 70-80 million pet dogs and 74-96 million pet cats. However, more U.S. households include dogs (37-47%) than cats (30-37%). Continue reading

The World According to DOG

For many of us, life with our faithful canine companions is the norm. However, imagine if dogs ruled the world and we were merely their faithful companions. Our world would be crazy different! Here are 10 changes we would need to adopt in a world ruled by dogs.

10 Changes in a World Ruled by Dogs

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