Dog Domestication

The Model of Success

Dogs are one of the most successful domestic animal species coexisting with human beings on this planet today. Dogs are the first and ultimate achievement in domestication, and the model upon which all other animal domestications are based. The popularity of dogs as pets is rivaled only by cats. As of May 2015 ASPCA Pet Statistics, the United States boasts 70-80 million pet dogs and 74-96 million pet cats. However, more U.S. households include dogs (37-47%) than cats (30-37%).

The combination of more cats in the U.S. overall, but fewer households with cats, indicates multiple cats living under one roof is more common than with multiple dogs. Why should this be? Granted, there are self-proclaimed “crazy cat ladies” living with herds of cats under one roof.  Not certain if a dog-version of the “crazy cat lady” exists. Realistically, living with a pack of dogs in a house is not practical for many reasons. Dogs are typically more expensive, require more space and need more daily attention. Cats typically disappear into the woodwork and become unnoticed. Dogs do anything but disappear into the woodwork. Ironically, this is what makes dogs so enjoyable, loveable and irresistible. The companionship of humans and dogs is the remarkable achievement of the extraordinary connection between two vastly different species.

Kathryn R. Gubista, PhD offers personalized concierge dog training through Lucky Dog Training and has over 30 years of dog training experience in disciplines including obedience, tracking, agility, sheepherding, dock diving and fieldwork. Kathryn is an evolutionary biologist and teaches a diversity of biology courses in higher education settings. Kathryn is author of How to Train Your Dog from the Dogs Perspective (soon to be released).


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