Science of Dog Training Video

Evolutionary Approach to Dog Training

To truly understand dogs and how to train them, it is important to think outside the Skinner Box. Of course, a clear understanding and proper applications of Learning Theory is fundamental to sound dog training. However, psychology is NOT the only scientific field that applies to dog training. Far from it.

The purpose of our “Science of Dog Training” presentation is to review the natural and social sciences that apply to dog training. This video is especially helpful for those who want to learn more about dogs and training, but are confused by the plethora of conflicting information available on the internet and dog training books.

Believe it all not, most dog training approaches can be placed into one of two categories – Aversive Training and Positive Training. Our presentation reviews these two training approaches and proposes a third approach based on evolutionary biology of dogs. This third approach (The Dog’s Perspective) is akin to Positive Discipline, a popular philosophy for raising and educating human children.

Here is the link to our YouTube video. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and appreciate any likes or comments. If you want to learn more, please contact us. Happy Tails!

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