Dog Food & Water

The Dog’s Perspective: Food and Water

Food, Water and Shelter are vital necessities for the long-term health and survival of every living being, including humans and dogs. Discussion of the fundamental importance of shelter and its ultimate affect on your dog’s behavior is at The Dog’s Perspective: Inside or Outside Dogs. Here we address the importance of food and water, the elixir of life and the sustenance that provides nourishment to keep living beings alive. Continue reading

Overnight Camp for Your Dog in Asheville

Training Immersion Program

Lucky Dog Training offers a Training Immersion Program similar to children’s summer overnight camps. Your dog will reside, play, train and experience Asheville with Lucky Dog Lead Trainer and her loveable canine training assistants. We guarantee lots of doggie fun, excitement and training! There will be no kennels or loneliness. Training will include daily walks, runs, obedience sessions, and more. We will visit exciting locations to challenge your dog’s behavioral training. Your dog will become part of our family during their stay. Training Immersion Program is scheduled in weekly sessions with future follow-ups included. Continue reading

Fitness With Fido – Introduction

The Fitness Problem

We are a nation of overweight and obese humans and dogs. Seventy percent (70%) of Americans and fifty percent (50%) of our dog companions fall into this category. That is seven out of ten people and one of two dogs who tip the scales in this unhealthy, red-zone. Is there an easy, practical solution to this health epidemic? Continue reading

Spring into Walks in the Park

March to Fitness

March Madness is upon us. The Vernal Equinox is just moments away, with a solar eclipse and super-moon to boot. New Year’s Resolutions to improve fitness are a distant memory. Desire to improve personal fitness is key to improving health. Unfortunately, lack of motivation is often the cause of fitness program abandonment.

Calypso Running Shoe - Crop - LogoMotivation for Success

Success at practically anything, including improving personal health & fitness, involves 5% talent and 95% motivation (including commitment and determination). Almost everyone has at least 5% talent. Many have overcome lack of super-abilities with an abundance of motivation to achieve success. Unfortunately, maintaining 95% motivation can be a challenge for many. Continue reading

What the Dog’s Nose Knows

Chaos Matewan Perspective - HiDef - Crop 3 - Logo High

The Dog’s Perspective

When it comes to dog training, there have been two popular, yet distinctly different, training philosophies. From Cesar’s Corner comes training from the Wolf’s Perspective, based on the pack mentality of wolf lore. At the other end of the spectrum is the Positive Position of training, the Human’s Perspective influenced by anthropomorphic ideals. Ironically, dogs are neither wolves nor humans – they are dogs. The most logical and effective training approach is from The Dog’s Perspective. Continue reading