Spring into Walks in the Park

March to Fitness

March Madness is upon us. The Vernal Equinox is just moments away, with a solar eclipse and super-moon to boot. New Year’s Resolutions to improve fitness are a distant memory. Desire to improve personal fitness is key to improving health. Unfortunately, lack of motivation is often the cause of fitness program abandonment.

Calypso Running Shoe - Crop - LogoMotivation for Success

Success at practically anything, including improving personal health & fitness, involves 5% talent and 95% motivation (including commitment and determination). Almost everyone has at least 5% talent. Many have overcome lack of super-abilities with an abundance of motivation to achieve success. Unfortunately, maintaining 95% motivation can be a challenge for many.

Black Dog - Crop - LogoSource of Motivation

It is best when we can find our 95% from within, but that is not always possible. Life’s “ups and downs” can severely hinder our motivation to stay committed to fitness. Do you really want to succeed in personal fitness? Are you looking for an eternal fire of motivation? Unbelievably, your faithful canine companion may be the key to achieving your fitness goals.

Dog Walks

The fastest, easiest and most effective way to achieve human and canine fitness is walking, an aerobic and low impact activity. Are you and your dog good walking partners? Is leash pulling an obstacle for daily walks? Our concierge dog training service can help turn the drudgery of dog walks into Walks in the Park, improving physical, mental and emotional health for both you and your dog. Once you see how easy it can be, you can take your dog walks to a new level with Fitness with Fido.


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