How To Train Your Dog – Part 8

From The Dog’s Perspective

The most effective way to train dogs is from The Dog’s Perspective. By understanding how dogs think, human companions can learn what naturally motivate dogs to be canine good citizens. Training dogs using The Dog’s Perspective is superior to both the Wolf Perspective and the Human Perspective in many ways.

The Wolf’s Perspective, promoted by Cesar’s Corner, makes misguided assumptions about wolves, dogs and their social groupings. The Human Perspective, advocated by Positive trainers, focuses on human viewpoints, often at the expense of the dog’s perspective. Case in point, how dogs communicate with each other.

This video depicts a common way dogs interact with each other. Dogs play and communicate with each other using their teeth. Dogs bite each other on various parts of their bodies, but their favorite place to interact is on their scruffy necks. If their teeth were nipping human skin, it would hurt, cause pain and possibly draw blood. In contrast, their teeth biting does not appear to hurt or cause pain to the dogs because their anatomy is different than humans. This is just one example why it is always important to consider The Dog’s Perspective.

About the Author: Kathryn R. Gubista, PhD offers concierge dog training through Lucky Dog Training, LLC using dog-friendly training techniques developed from The Dog’s Perspective. She has over 30 years of dog training experience in disciplines including obedience, tracking, agility, sheepherding and fieldwork. Kathryn is an evolutionary biologist and teaches a diversity of biology courses in higher education settings.

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