Hello! My name is Mozart. Actually, Mozart is not my real name, but my alias. You might ask why a dog would need an alias. I must admit that I have been a naughty boy and want to keep my identity on the down-low. I want to protect the innocent, especially my mom & dad, who I love with all my big doggy heart.

I am a major fan of my bro, Beethoven. I hear comments about his movies all the time. Strangers even call me Beethoven. The main reason is pretty darn obvious. But alas, I am no Beethoven. He was a hero in the films, just like Lassie. No, I am a trouble-maker. I am more like his naughty yet complex brother. I chose my alias to be similar to Beethoven, but the naughty version. From what I hear about the genius human called Mozart, he had boundless energy and did not always follow the rules. Yet he turned out to be brilliant. That sounds just like me! Or … what I really want to be.

I am still a “baby” at 18 months old. At 144 pounds, I am one big baby! Believe me; I know how to throw my weight around! Just ask my human parents. This is what gets me into a bunch of trouble. All I want to do is protect my family – period! Big or small, meek or mighty, I will protect my parents to the very end. They say I have an over-active sense of protection, whatever that means.

Why do I want to share my story with you? I want to tell it from my perspective. I know other puppy dogs who share similar stories. They are driving their humans crazy. Some humans can handle it, or ask for help. Other humans become pretty darn stressed. Even to the point of pulling out their hair! It is not pretty sight. In worst-case scenarios, naughty pups disappear from the hood, never to be seen again. Always wonder where they go. Hope it is a happy place.

I want my fellow pups and their humans to know that they are not alone and there is hope! You do not have to be a naughty dog forever. You can turnover a new leaf. What I needed was some guidance. I had no idea that chasing cats, staring down dogs and barking at humans were no-no’s. No one keyed me in on those little secrets.  How was I to know there are house rules and these things called manners?

I will relay my story for several reasons. I will tell you about all the people in my life who support me and encourage me, even though I am a major pain in the tush. My humans have me in what they call “training”. It seems more like school that I see children attending. It really is not too bad, depending on your teacher and if they have any doggy teaching assistants.

I will also introduce you to my girlfriend. Boy, I am a lucky dog! She is so cute and smart! She does everything she is asked and she is always nice to everyone. She is unbelievable! At first, I scared her with my big bullish behavior. She would NOT even look at me, no matter how much I tried to charm her. Now, she not only tolerates me, I hear she loves to go to school with me. We share treats and even drink out of the same water bowl. She is beautiful and I owe so much of my progress to my sweet little friend.

My News Years Resolution is to tell my story. It will feel good just to get it off my chest so I can keep working in school to improve my manners. That will definitely help me personally. I also want to help all my brothers and sisters out there who are naughty too. I want to give them hope that change is possible, if you want to change. Maybe their humans can enroll them in school too! Maybe we can all meet at our practice sessions.

My humans talk about having to admit your problem before you improve. I readily admit I have a problem and I want to improve my behavior. My parents support me 100%! With their support, I am determined to be more like Beethoven the dog. I want to be a hero, not a villain.

More again soon ….. Mozart

Kathryn R. Gubista, PhD is an evolutionary biologist, college biology instructor, former zookeeper, author, certified professional dog trainer with Lucky Dog Training Asheville and has over 30 years of dog training and human teaching experience. The Dog’s Perspective is a training philosophy based on how dogs think, the title of the book series and our blog. 

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