How To Train Your Dog – Part 2

Benefits of Dog Training

If you have a dog, there is no doubt you love your dog. And, you are also aware of the costs and responsibilities that come with having a dog. However, many of the benefits of having a dog are not fully realized with untrained dogs, which is unfortunate for dogs and humans alike. Here are a few benefits of trained dogs that could change your life forever.

Walk in the Park

Walking is one of the simplest & best physical activities for your heart, mind and soul. It is an amazing stress-reliever…..that is, unless untrained dogs are included on the walk. Leash pulling is the primary reason many, many dogs are not walked. Leash pulling is not only annoying, it can potentially be dangerous to both human and dog ends of the leash. Trained dogs are joy to walk. They easily and happily walk on leash without pulling their human companions, even with distractions of other dogs, cats and squirrels. Walking a trained dogs is a “Walk in the Park“.

Staying Fit with Fido

Your trained dog can be your secret to finally achieving your fitness goals. If you need support, encouragement and a source of motivation, look no farther than the other end of your leash. Trained dogs are the perfect fitness companion. They provide the consistency and support you need to challenge yourself each and every day, no matter the obstacles. Dogs thrive on physical activities and are a source of inspiration and motivation. As a team, you can strive to achieve your fitness dreams and get “Fit with Fido“.

Beware of Dogs

Dogs are the best protection money can buy. It is natural for dogs to protect their home and family, and their motivation is pure love. Often times, the safest place to be is alongside your loyal, protective canine companion. Just the presence of your dog will often protect you from harm’s way. Living and traveling with a trained dog is like having your own personal, lovable body guard.

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Practically any dog can be a trained dog, no matter their size, breed or gender. Although age does matter, it is not as you might expect. Although puppies and adolescent dogs can learn cute tricks, let them be a puppy during their first year. After they have grown into their paws, ears and the rest of their bodies, real training can begin. If training starts too soon or with faulty training techniques, there are risks of confusion or worse, breaking your dog’s spirit. When this happens, it is an uphill battle to earn back their confidence and trust.

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How to Train Your Dog

So, what  is the best way to train your dog? This question is probably one of the most frequent web search queries, resulting in an astronomical number of different people telling you how to train your dog. Over the past many months, we have spent hours researching the various dog-training sources available on the web. Although there are many different ideas and approaches, most training philosophies can be divided into 2 primary training camps. Next time, we will begin to examine these two dog training camps, discuss the pros and cons of each. We will also present our unique training philosophy that is based on science, experience and animal compassion. Please stay tuned……


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