How To Train Your Dog – Part 1

For the Love of Dogs

Dogs are amazing and so much fun! We humans LOVE our dog companions. Most of us couldn’t imagine living without our dogs. Some even owe their lives to their dogs. They are beautiful creatures who steal our hearts and live in our souls. They love and protect our homes and families with loyalty matched by no others. For many of us, we love our dogs as our children, which is perfectly natural. A dogs’ love is unconditional, in the best and worst of times.

The Perfect Companion

Dogs may be the perfect companion because, unlike most humans, dogs can be trained. And, what’s even more, dogs LOVE to be trained. They thrive on the attention. Trained dogs, in general, are quiet, well-mannered  and protective around the home, a win-win-win situation for everyone. It may be surprising to learn that the true value of a trained dog really comes to light once you venture away from home. Walking, running, hiking, swimming – whatever activity you desire. Your dog will follow you in your journeys happily, lovingly and with tails wagging high. You will never want to leave home without them.

The Greatest Gift of All

Life with a trained dog is a “walk in the park”. Trained dogs are “user friendly” because you can take them just about anywhere. Trained dogs are in harmony with humans. Puppies are such a beautiful gift, but a trained dog is the greatest gift of all. They are an absolute treasure. Next time, we will examine what makes trained dogs so awesome.  Please stay tuned…..

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