Group Training Sessions

Have you ever needed help or advice of a professional trainer? Have you ever noticed that skilled trainers can take an ill-mannered, unruly dog and turn them into a dog with exemplary behavior within a few sessions using positive techniques? It seems to be nothing short of a miracle and a dream come true. However, when you are on your own with your pup, it seems like progress is out of reach. And then there are the complications when other dogs or humans become distractions. This disconnect arises because improvement is only possible if YOU – the human companion – possesses the necessary training skills and positive approach to learning. This is where practice makes perfect. And the best place to practice training skills with distractions is with group sessions. 

Remember when you were learning anything, be it schoolwork, music lessons, riding a bike or any countless skills. You can watch your teacher demonstrate the skill as you observe in total amazement. When it was your turn to tackle the skill, things did not always work out as planned. You struggled with math equations, squeaked out musical notes, fell off your bike or experienced any myriad of perceived failures. In all these cases, we have several options that typically lead to one of two results. Either we practice to perfect our skills and techniques or we get frustrated and quit. It is a matter of commitment and perseverance to achieve any type of success.

Dog training is no different. If you know what you are doing, training is easy and fun. If you do not know what you are doing, dog training can seem like a gigantic obstacle. What makes the difference? Practice! Practicing these training skills allows human companions to build CONFIDENCE, which is fundamental in dog training. When you are not confident in your training and handling skills, your dog can tell. This makes dogs nervous, unfocused and inattentive. When you are confident, your dog can tell and that makes them confident too. With consistent practice, you and your dog learn to work as a team….a partnership…..a companionship. Practicing training skills is a key component of dog training success.

Starting in March 2017, Group Training Sessions will be on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings. Sessions will be outside at various locations in Asheville. Group sessions can be more challenging for everyone because of the added features of distractions. With this in mind, group session participants will have a private session to evaluate training progress and personal training needs before starting group sessions. This will expedite your training success in a group setting.

Please contact us to learn more about Group Training Sessions.

Kathryn R. Gubista, PhD is an evolutionary biologist, college biology instructor, former zookeeper, author, certified professional dog trainer with Lucky Dog Training Asheville and has over 30 years of dog training and human teaching experience. The Dog’s Perspective is a training philosophy based on how dogs think, the title of the book series and our blog. 

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