Concierge Dog Training

What is Concierge Dog Training?

Precious Time Saver

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Concierge dog training teaches and develops human-dog communication skills when and where needed, achieving personal training goals quickly, effectively and efficiently. Concierge dog training is ideal for busy professionals and families with precious spare time but want their dog trained. Concierge dog training can turn ill-mannered dogs into canine good citizens in a fraction of time required with traditional dog training classes. Concierge dog training is an ideal method to focus on personal training interests, including advanced training and behavioral modifications. Concierge dog training meets personal dog training needs from the comfort of clients’ homes, neighborhoods and communities. In addition, concierge dog training is a viable option when traveling with dog companions.

To understand concierge dog training, defining concierge is the first step. The term concierge has a long history, with definitions ranging from servant in medieval times to keeper of the keys in various settings (Giovanni 2010). Synonyms include caretaker, personal assistant, right-hand man and Girl Friday. Over the past 25 years, creative applications of this ancient service have generated a diversity of modern professions in areas like pet services, transportation services and senior care (Giovanni 2010). In general, concierge services save time and money, which is important for busy people who need more than 24-hours per day to accomplish all their daily tasks, including training dog companions.

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About the Author: Kathryn R. Gubista, PhD offers concierge dog training through Lucky Dog Training, LLC using dog-friendly training techniques developed from The Dog’s Perspective. She has over 30 years of dog training experience in disciplines including obedience, tracking, agility, sheepherding and fieldwork. Kathryn is an evolutionary biologist and teaches a diversity of biology courses in higher education settings.


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