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Asheville Paint Your Pet - Foxy

Paint Your Pet is a wildly popular event hosted every 3rd Thursday at Asheville’s Wine & Design. Before the event, your pet’s photograph is mounted on a canvas, allowing you to paint the most glorious pictures of your beloved fur babies. The most recent Pain Your Pet event was on the rainy evening of 24 September 2015.

Each pet painting had a fascinating story to accompany the creative artwork. There was Foxy, a 14-year-old male long-haired Chihuahua, described as a “cat in a dog’s body”. Goldie was a beloved female Golden-mix blinded by Asheville Paint Your Pet - GoldieSARDS by 10 years of age. Tica Belle, a mix of short-haired & long-haired Chihuahua, and described as very prissy, talkative 10-year old who had her human companions wrapped around her little paws. Poppy Seed and Jiminy Cricket are two young, very tiny Shelties who stole the extremely big hearts of two lovely veterinary professionals. Koda was the only feline representative, painted by her young, human companion.


Asheville Paint Your Pet - Chloe

Although all the stories were captivating and heart-warming, the story of Duke stood out that night as the sweetest story. Duke, an 8-year-old male Akita-mix, was rescued outside an Asheville gas station in 2008. Until his rescue, he spent his days hoarding food and staying at arm’s length from humans. After his rescue, Duke was diagnosed with heartworms and developed seizures from the medical treatments. The loving family who adopted Duke adored him, but were not able to spend the quality 1-on-1 time that Duke deserved and desired. That is when grandfather stepped in to give Duke the gift of lifetime.
Duke now resides in Orlando, Florida with grandfather, his devoted human companion who “spoils him rotten”. Duke has gone from scavenging and hoarding food to enjoying meals cooked specially for him. Duke and grandfather are constant companions and traveling buddies. The beautiful painting of Duke is a birthday gift for grandfather – on October 8th. Could you imagine a sweeter gift than a painted portrait of your beloved canine companion from your sweet, loving daughter?

Asheville Paint Your Pet - Jiminy Cricket

The next Paint Your Pet event is 22 October 2015. If you want to participate, please contact Asheville’s Wine & Design (828-255-2442) to get your photo ready to be set on canvas. The painting may be for you or a loved one. Tell us your story, and your painting and story may be featured next month. Regardless, you will create a masterpiece to cherish forever!Asheville Paint Your Pet - Tica

Asheville Paint Your Pet - Class 1

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