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Imagine you and your dogs are the talk of your neighborhood – for all the right reasons. Imagine your dogs walk  on leash without pulling – ever! Even when they see a cat, squirrel or another dog! Imagine that you can walk up to strangers or neighbors and your dog does not jump, bark or lunge on the leash. Imagine that your dog listens to you the first time and every time! Now imagine that you can take your dog off leash and you have the confidence that your dog will not bolt or runaway. Imagine that your dog is the poster pup for the well-mannered dog.

If any of these are the dreams for your pup, we can help you make these dreams reality! We offer several programs for your training needs. If you have a puppy, we can help get them off on the right start. If your dog needs to learn some basic manners, we have a program for you. Do you want the best dog ever or the dog of your dreams? We can help you achieve all your training goals not only quickly, but with long-lasting results. All training is based on verbal cues, hand signals, food rewards, praise and gentle touch guidance.

Our programs differ based on features including private sessions, group sessions, board & train. Private sessions are ideal to learn new skills while groups sessions are perfect for practicing skills in a fun, social environment. Board and train allows your dog to learn very quickly and is easily well-suited for very busy people who need solutions fast. No matter which program you choose, your dog will walk on leash easily and without pulling – ever! But that is only the beginning.

Sounds too good to be true? Our proven results have helped many other dogs and their human companions. You can join our Muttley Crew and never be embarrassed or frustrated by your dog’s poor behavior again! Check out our individual programs and let us know what would work for you.

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Kathryn R. Gubista, PhD is an evolutionary biologist, college biology instructor, former zookeeper, author and certified professional dog trainer with Lucky Dog Training Asheville and has over 30 years of dog training and human teaching experience. The Dog’s Perspective is a training philosophy based on how dogs think, the title of the book series and our blog. 

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