Training Services

 Training Immersion Program

Recommended for those who understand the enormous value of trained dogs and need to train their dog, but do not have the time, energy or interest needed to train a dog. This program is also ideal for those who ultimately want to learn how to train dogs (see Right Start Program), but would like to jump-start their efforts. Your dog will be trained consistently throughout a work-week and a follow-up handler training session will guide you in handling your trained dog. This program is fun, fast and effective and recommended for those who want their dog trained quickly and effectively. This program is set on a weekly Training Rate.

Right Start Program

Recommended for those interested in learning how to train dogs. Also ideal for dogs with behavioral issues (Rebel with a Cause). We will guide you through the steps of training your dog, focus on your personal training objectives and work around your busy schedules. Although it may take a little longer to achieve your desired training results, learning to train your own dog is fun, rewarding and a lifetime skill. Training in group-settings arranged upon request. This program is set on a monthly Training Rates.

Training Rates

Our Initial Consultations are FREE. Please see Training Rates for Training Immersion, Right Start and Individual Sessions

Aurelia Cognac

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