Pet Care

Residency Stays, Dog Training Camps & Pet Care Visits

We offer a both Residency Stays and Dog Training Camps, which are similar to children’s summer overnight camps. In each case, your dog will reside with Lucky Dog Lead Trainer and her lovable canine training assistants. We guarantee lots of doggy fun, excitement and comfort! There will be no kennels or feelings of loneliness. Your dog will feel right at home in our home.

The mission of our Dog Training Camps is to help teach and transform your dog to become the canine companion you desire. Our services include daily walks, runs, obedience sessions and more. We will visit exciting locations to challenge your dog’s behavioral training. Your dog will become part of our family during their stay.

Dog Training Camps are ideal for dogs needing personalized, 1-on-1 training. However, there are other times our services may be perfect for your canine companion. If you are going out of town, there is no better way to care for your dog than enrolling them in one of our programs. We invite Asheville canine visitors to stay with us while their human companions are visiting local sites. Dogs with special medical needs would benefit greatly from our around-the-clock attention. Typically, our Residency Stays and Dog Training Camps are scheduled in weekly sessions with future follow-ups included. The programs are limited to one dog per week, but exceptions are considered for “siblings” or “friends”. Please give us a call to enroll your dog in one of our programs. Your dog will be a very happy camper!

We will also visit and care for other, non-canine pets, including cats, parrots, cockatoos and other exotics.

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