Imagine your dog has good dog manners. Their unruly behaviors are no longer an embarrassment. Your dog no longer drags you down the street, but walks close by your side. Imagine feeling confident to invite friends over without the fear of your dogs jumping all over them. Your dog looks at you and listens to what you ask. You work as a team. Your dog will learn good doggy manners with this training program. Here are some of the features and benefits of our GOOD DOG program.

  • Features
    • Private Sessions
    • Basic Puppy/Dog Manners
    • Trainer email/phone support
  • Potential Benefits
    • Training is fun, convenient & effective
    • Daily dog walks become a JOY, not a chore
    • Your dog eagerly looks & listens to you
    • Counter-surfing eliminated
    • Confidence your dog won’t bolt out the door
    • Nuisance barking eliminated
    • Peace of mind that your dog won’t destroy your home and belongings
    • Trainer support just a phone call away
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