Imagine your dog has great dog manners and unruly behaviors are no longer an embarrassment. You are able to stroll down the street with your faithful companion without any problems. Your dog no longer pulls on the leash, barks at strangers, lunges at other animals. You are able to go in public places with your dog. You no longer hide your dog or embarrassed when guests visit. Your dog looks at you and listens to what you ask, the first time, every time. Your dog will become a very well behaved companion with this training program. Here are some of the features and benefits of our BEST DOG EVER program.

  • Features
    • Private Sessions
    • Jumpstart Session
    • Basic Manners & Basic Obedience
    • Manners Skills (Look, In, Off, Wait, No, Quiet, Go Potty)
    • Obedience Skills (Heel, Come, Sit, Down, Stay)
    • Unlimited Group Sessions / Field Trips
    • Training session videos
    • Trainer email/phone support
    • Residency Stay Access
  • Benefits
    • Daily dog walks become a JOY, not a chore
    • Training is fun, convenient and effective
    • Worries about dog damage are eliminated
    • Your dog eagerly looks & listens to you
    • Confidence your dog is well-behaved at home & in public
    • Pleasure of taking your dogs everywhere possible
    • Compliments from strangers about your dog’s manners
    • Trainer support just a phone call away
    • Place for your pups to stay when you are away
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