Good Dog!

Imagine your dog has good dog manners. Imagine not being embarrassed by your dog’s unruly behaviors. Imagine being able to walk down the street with your well-mannered dog. Imagine your dog not pulling on the leash, barking at strangers, lunging at other animals. Imagine not having to hide your dog or being embarrassed when guests visit. Imagine your dog looking at you and listening to what you ask. Your dog will learn to be a well-mannered companion with this smaller, introductory training program. Here are some of the features and benefits of our Good Dog! Program.

  • Features
    • Private Lessons
    • Board & Train Options
    • Group Classes to practice skills with distractions & socialization
    • Basic manner skills
    • Trainer email/phone support
  • Benefits
    • Stress-free life with your dog
    • Unwanted and embarrassing dog behaviors diminished
    • Daily dog walks become a JOY, not a chore
    • Valuables protected from dog damage
    • Eliminate unwanted barking
    • Improved confidence in your dog’s behavior
    • Peace of Mind
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