Imagine you and your dogs are the talk of your neighborhood – for all the right reasons! Your dog is the poster pup for the well-mannered dog. Everyone notices that your dogs walk on leash without pulling – ever! Even when they see a cat, squirrel or another dog! You are able to walk up to friends and neighbors and your dog does not jump, bark or go nuts… They listen to you the first time and every time! They come whenever you call them. You can even go play in parks off-leash with the confidence and peace of mind that your dog will stay by your side.

Right now your dog might be far from listening as well as you’d like, and we know your frustration. You might have even tried training before that didn’t give you the results you wanted. We will get you where you want to be quickly and painlessly – with training that actually works and results that last.

All of our programs are designed for individuals and families with dogs and puppies of any age or personality. So many people have had the same struggles – check out the success stories in our testimonials and training videos on Instagram (@TrainingLuckyDogs and @KyloRenPup). Please look over our programs to see which one fits you best. Also feel free to call and tell us all about your dog! We love helping people achieve their doggy dreams.

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